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Low-Cost Spay & Neuter Certificates

The number of abandoned animals can be greatly reduced, or even eliminated, by attacking the pet overpopulation problem with a vigorous program of spaying and neutering to prevent unwanted births. To accomplish this goal, we provide low-cost spay and neuter certificates for cats and dogs.

How much do they cost, and how does the program work?

You can purchase a low-cost spay or neuter certificate from the Alabama Animal Adoption Society for the following prices:

Our certificates can be used at any of our participating veterinarians in the Greater Birmingham, Alabama and surrounding areas. Once you have purchased a certificate, you simply take the certificate to the veterinarian when you drop off your pet for surgery. The veterinarian then mails us the certificate and we reimburse him the cost of the certificate.

Who can purchase a certificate, and how can I buy one?

Important Note: You should make an appointment with the veterinarian and advise that you want to use one of our certificates before purchasing a certificate from us. Our certificates cover the cost of surgery and some will include an overnight stay at the veterinarian's clinic or hospital. Make sure to ask if the certificate covers the overnight stay when making the appointment. Some veterinarians only do low-cost surgeries on certain days and some may charge extra for bloodwork, shots, pain management, etc. Make sure you know everything up front, so there will be no surprises when you pick up your pet!

There are no restrictions, and anyone can purchase our certificates. There are two ways to buy certificates:

What if my veterinarian doesn't participate in the program?

You are welcome to explain to your veterinarian our program and ask him if he would like to join our list. If your veterinarian thinks he might like to join, please have his office call us at (205) 871-6351 and leave a message. Someone will call back within a couple of days.

For those who cannot find a nearby participating veterinarian, please contact your local humane shelter. They might have a similar program in place, or they may be able to recommend other sources in your area for low-cost spay and neuter programs. You may also contact SpayUSA for a low-cost program in your area: